Saturday, August 01, 2009

moving time

because i'm fickle

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I"m really pissed

So pissed in fact that I'm tired.

Rubal's new roommate is stupid enough to put a half full water jug (the kind with the spigot) on my bed when he was moving a futon/entertainment set into my room. little do I know, over the course of a good 5 hours, the thing is leaking slowly onto my stuff, my floor and my mattress which is on my floor because my bed is the brokes.

So, I have a soaked mattress, and soaked carpet.

All they had to say was "oh.. sorry"

David did offer to punch them, or break their stuff in return.
what a hero.

I'm going to go sleep somewhere not wet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm going to drink an entire handle of vodka today because I can.

actually... I'm not.

Friday, April 03, 2009


When I look back at my previous post, I laugh a little to myself... and cry a lot to myself.

I think i'm doing worse this semester than I've ever done in the past.

I think there's no way I'm going to get into the masters programs that I want to get into (Stanford? goooooood luck, Jess)

There's this cool thing that I want to do Sunday the 26th... but we'll see.

Housing? Class? Ballroom? Work? is anything going properly? the answer would be no.

Le sigh.

BIG le sigh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what to do?

I love school right now.

My spanish class,though under the pretense of an advanced Grammar and Composition class, is in reality a class on Education, Processes of Learning, individuation, and so on. Things that I love, but feel that philosophy classes, education classes and so on ruin by making to too touchy feely.

My Short Story class is reading amazing stories, and through reading amazing stories are exploring aesthetics of story telling, aesthetics of myth and other things that also interest me.

My Justice Class (for the non-berkeleyans, it takes the name of my professor for a lack of a better name.. eng 110?) is exploring literary traditions, also aesthetics of narrative, but in a longer, more epic way that goes into what makes something a classic, what makes one text influence another, or many others? Perhaps, more simplistically on the profundity of text.

My history class is meh, but interesting in its own way (if only i didn't have to do any work for it)

and If I had the time to sit and focus on everything it would be SO worthwhile, but alas the time is never there.

we shall see.

Monday, January 26, 2009

threesomes and guapitas

I went Salsa dancing for the first time yesterday. I mean, I know the basic, and I know some concepts of tension, lead and follow, etc that I learned for other dances, so it's fine... but still... I didn't like Salsa because well... I don't know. I didn't for whatever reason. I thought it was over rated, people raved about it too much, I was too cool for it etc. But I went, because I didn't have much to do last night and because I wanted to go out, and because I wanted to hang out with Marta.

I met a crazy white guy that tries to impress too hard, a squat guy named alejandro, who is a good leader and demanded that I come back every Sunday (unlikely), a guy who kept asking me to dance, but always 2 seconds too late (eventually he got a bachata and a salsa in), a creepy old man who was getting too close, a middle aged chinese man with a long memory... Its time like these when I wish I weren't so loathe to use my Spanish.
But there was this one guy. he was huge. by huge I mean seven feet tall, biceps the size of my thighs (maybe bigger). and he was GOOOD granted I didn't get a chance to dance with him, but at one point, he was dancing with two girls at once. Most of the time when people do this, it's in play, and then end up doing very simple underarm turms and basic steps, and usually ends in laughter, and separation before the song was over. He was dancing with two girls better than most guys can dance with one. really really. he was turning them, dipping them, leading with his foot in addition to his arms, he'd spend 20 seconds paying what seemed like sole attention to one (even though he was still holding on to the other y the hand, and keeping her from being bored without looking at her, and then switch, and go back to paying attention to both. If there was anyone meant to have a threesome, it would be this guy. just wow. wow.

And then there was the instructor lady on the other side of the room. Jacob was saying "you know... if you continue the metaphor, that kinda means she's a slut". but DAYMN. granted her leaders were good too, but her flair, and the way that she moves her body is so fluid and I understand what salsa is actually supposed to look like. Her spinning is just tops. really. she stays perfectly on balance, and it's so clean... like squeaky clean. I think the floor was slippery enough that she wasn't stepping though... which helps.

Other than that, we missed the bus by 10 seconds and had to take a cab home. All in all it was a good night... but I still like swing more.

before that I played ultimate with the boys and Dave Wang came out (yay). and GC meeting (boo)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

planning for the future

This semester... is either going to be balls or awesome.
I think it might be balls.
These are some of my goals:

I'm going to try to not go home in between classes, despite living a block away. I think it just makes me waste time.

I'm going to study my ass off for the GRE, the CBEST and the CSET-- because my GPA isn't good enough to stand alone.

I'm going to make my GPA better by getting all A's (not minuses) and taking no classes pass/not pass.... although that's daunting if I manage to get into Justice's class. It's the same reader.... ugh

I'm going to go to office hours. I promise.

I'm going to try to work 10 hours a week at least.

I'm going to try to get up early and do something like yoga.

I woke up this morning at 7:30 for the inauguration and haven't taken a nap yet. I hope this lasts (godwilling. Though I need to pack better lunches.

I'm also going to blog more. blog better. For Kaile and myself more than anyone else.